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Krivy's Kube

A Guide to Understanding Krivy's Kube


In selecting colleges to which you apply and in making your college choice, consider the following factors:


PROFILE You should be like the students the college admits.  In terms of quantitative data, your class rank and SAT scores, puts you in their acceptable category.  A few of the schools you apply to will be stretches, but be careful, you might get into a college that may require more than  you can comfortably give.  Remember, the best predictor of your future performance in college is your past performance in high school.
PLEASURE The college "feels" good.  You are comfortable in the general environment.  This is a purely personal judgment.  Do not apply to any school you would not be happy to attend, what's the point?
*PERFORMANCE If you are accepted to a college where you fit the profile comfortably and one that meets your pleasure quotient, you should be able to perform well and be happy.
PRESTIGE You are pleased enough with a school's reputation to put its emblem (decal) on the family car.
PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY The school should have enough choices of courses so that you can change majors without changing schools.  The average student today changes majors twice, and many take more than four years to graduate. 
PRICE One way or another, probably through loans, you can afford the cost of higher education.

*NOTE:     The value of the various sides of the Kube in weighing your choice of schools varies with the individual.  However, there should be a generally good balance.  Overall, your potential performance in college, based on a realistic self-appraisal and a great deal of knowledge about the particular colleges, should be your major consideration.