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Dr. Krivy's Interest Inventory

Things to consider about yourself while the colleges are considering you!

Regarding your peers

  • How social are you?  Do you mix well?  Are you a joiner?

  • Are you comfortable with a diverse group of people, or are you more comfortable being with people like yourself?

  • What about numbers of people: are you comfortable being part of a large group or do you prefer being part of a more intimate group?

  • Do you need large numbers of people of the opposite sex around to be happy?  To work with?  To date?

Regarding faculty

  • Do you need nurturing and personalized attention?

Regarding your environment

  • How important is it to be close to home?

  • How strong are your religious, moral and ethical values?  Must they be reflected in the institution you attend?

  • Do  you like a structured situation or do you like exploring on your own?

  • Do you thrive in a competitive atmosphere, or do you prefer a spirit of camaraderie with fellow students?

  • Do you work well under pressure?

  • Do you prefer an urban or suburban or rural environment?

  • Do you have special needs that must be met?

Regarding activities

  • What level of athletic involvement do you need?

  • Do you need to have cultural activities readily available?

  • Are there special talents you have that must be exercised?

  • Do you like being active in the community?

  • Are you political?


  • Is status important to you?  Is making money important to you? 

  • Are you discriminating when it comes to your food and shelter?

  • How mature are you?  Are you responsible for all your actions?

  • What do you want out of college?  Leading the good life?  Finding yourself?


  • How hard did you have to work to obtain grades?

  • How disciplined are you academically?

  • How does your high school rank?

(Remember, there is a range of colleges out there.)


  • In your senior class

  • Level of courses

  • How competitive

  • Size of classes

  • Grades

  • SAT scores

  • Achievement scores


(It's going to be tough and disorienting - go where you're going to be comfortable.)

* (Assess your current situation:  Are you happy?  What do you like?  What don't you like?)