Dr Leonard Krivy Cherry Hill 856/428-1282
Philadelphia 215/545-1555
1765 Fireside Lane
Cherry Hill, NJ  08003
Email: lpkphd@aol.com
Website: LeonardKrivyPhD.com

Educational Services

Dr. Leonard Krivy works privately with students to help them realize their potential and achieve attainable goals.

Students he works with range from problem learners to those at the top of their high school or college classes.

His services are available for either single session consultation, or for long-term supervision and guidance.

Areas of advisement include:

  • Educational problem solving
  • Prospecting institutions and programs
  • Exploring college or career alternatives and options
  • Long range planning for graduate or professional school
  • Financial aid management
  • Individual curriculum planning
  • Locating suitable summer programs
  • Educational advocacy securing student/parent rights
  • Managing educational or career changes
  • Locating programs for gifted and other special students
  • Psycho-educational evaluations and testing

Dr. Krivy personally works with every student.  A professional staff assists long-term students in areas such as:

  • Testing
  • Financial Aid Advice
  • Interview Techniques
  • Writing Skills
  • Resume and Application Preparation

Dr. Krivy’s commitment is to his students alone, not to any institution.  This allows him to guide those he works with to the programs and institutions most capable of meeting the student’s needs.

Close liaison is maintained with experts in a wide range of specialties in order to provide reliable referrals for any kind of educational need.


  • National Association of College Admission Counselors
  • Independent Educational Consultants Association
  • Phi Delta Kappa – National Education Fraternity
  • Certified Educational Planner